I Want To Play Poker Against The Scared Little “Pass Anything” Republicans

Man.  I want to play poker against each and every lily-livered internet denizen and television pundit who ran down the street naked, screaming and crying last night after the vote on John Boehner’s debt ceiling bill fell through.

Is there anyone on the planet who, from day one of the debate, didn’t think that this vote would come down to the 23rd hour on the day before whatever day was ultimately set as the drop-dead deadline? So, now it comes down to the wire, and Republicans start eating their own and pissing their pants because “we’re not going to be able to pay our bills.”

Pull yourselves together and grow a pair.  There’s. Not. Going. To. Be. A. Default.  There never was. Look, I despise the Democrats in Congress, and quite a few of the Republicans aren’t exactly on my Christmas card list.  But, with the exception of our inexperienced placeholder President, there are adults in charge of the lawmaking process.  We have some pretty seasoned legislators on both sides.  They know what’s at stake.  What’s happening now is jockeying for position and the best deal.

The new Boehner bill is already out, and last night’s stalemate resulted in a Balanced Budget Amendment trigger for the second ceiling increase getting added to his previously toothless bill. If that’s not enough to pass, he’ll do something that makes it more conservative. If it won’t pass the Senate in it’s present form, so what? Start with a bill that is what you want, not the least you’ll accept.  Where do you negotiate if you start from the least you’ll accept?