Huckabee To Join Trump At Veteran Fundraiser

Presidential sort-of candidate Mike Huckabee will join Donald Trump at a fundraiser for wounded veterans that the GOP front runner is hosting tonight.

Trump is holding the Iowa event in lieu of participating in the FOX News Republican debate, moderated in part by anti-Trump television personality Megyn Kelly.  Huckabee will be participating in the “undercard” debate on the channel earlier in the evening before attending Trump’s event.

Huckabee won the GOP Iowa caucus in 2008.  He later hosted a show on the FOX News Channel before leaving the channel to sort of run for President this time.

The former Arkansas governor will participate in the undercard debate before the event to benefit wounded warriors at Drake University in Des Moines.

The event — which Trump has suggested may attract other presidential candidates — follows a spat with Fox News that began Tuesday.

Huckabee seems to really, really want Trump to consider him as a Vice Presidential pick when Trump eventually wins the nomination.