Hillary Clinton Really Wants You To Know She Doesn’t Have Horns

One of Hillary Clinton’s septuagenarian contemporaries must have told her it was a riot when she assured people that she does not, in fact, have horns, because she keeps repeating this stupid line everywhere she goes.


Sure, Grandma.  You don’t have horns. And there was no classified information on your illegal secret server, either.  As you can see at right, evidence would suggest otherwise.

After using the line in a speech, she repeats it to the obnoxious daughter of a Donald Trump supporter in a video which is, of course, recorded vertically and not horizontally by the Clinton supporter because that’s what idiots do.

Helmers and her mother, both of whom are supporting Clinton, were overjoyed with the video and said afterward that they planned to post the video to Facebook and tag [the father Shawn] Starry as a way to tease him.

“He is a Donald Trump supporter and, yeah,” she said. “I totally disagree with him and every time he comes up with an argument he fails to support his claims.”