Harry Reid’s Spokesperson Issues Non-Denial In ‘Pederast’ Scandal

A spokesperson for embattled Senate Majority leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has issued a one word non-denial to web site Ace of Spades HQ in response to repeated calls for comment on the allegations that Reid is a pederast.

Adam Jentleson, a spokesman for Reid, issued the brief non-denial, described as “chilling” by the web site ,via email.


That’s all Reid’s camp is willing to say in response to days of allegations, based on speculation by unnamed anonymous sources, that Harry Reid is a pederast.

The non-denial only raises more questions, and outlines the need for all documents and records related to Reid’s “alleged” pederasty to be released immediately so this can be cleared up.

First, note the non-denial. Based on the rumors we’ve all heard, we can only conclude that at best questions of Reid’s abuse remains an open question.

Second, “Cute” is not how I would describe this situation. Senator Reid has been accused by multiple unnamed figures as a serial abuser. The fact that Reid’s spokesman thinks anything about this situation is “cute” is disturbing and only leads to more questions about the unreleased records that might (or might not) clear Senator Reid’s name.

We will of course be following up on this explosive and developing story….for the children.