Harkin: Catholic Church Must Pay For The Pill Due To Cramps

According known Democrat liar Iowa Senator Tom Harkin, the Catholic Church must go against their faith and pay for contraception, sterilization and abortion pills for all employees because some women suffer from “terrible menstrual cramps once a month.”

I think Harkin has a history of terrible cramping between his ears, but there’s no pill that’s going to cure it.

Barack Obama’s unconstitutional contraception mandate takes effect today.

“There are many women who take birth control pills, for example, because they have terrible menstrual cramps once a month, some of them almost incapacitated, can’t work,” said Harkin. “I know of young women myself who, because of this, aren’t able to work and be productive, and it’s prescribed by their doctor.”

In an interview with CNSNews.com, Harkin at no time contested that the regulation required Catholics to act against their faith. Instead, he likened forcing a Catholic to purchase health insurance that covers sterilizations, contraceptives and abortion-inducing drugs to forcing Quakers to pay taxes to cover a war.

“It’s like a Quaker who pays income taxes,” said Harkin.   “They have to pay income taxes.  Quakers, as you know, have unalterably been opposed to war and military spending.  Yes, some of their taxes have to go to that.”

Except it isn’t. You’re not paying a “war tax” or a “farm subsidy tax” when you pay your income taxes. You’re paying income taxes. This is forcing churches to buy a specific product to which they have a moral objection.