Hannity To Interview Zimmerman For Full Hour On FOX News Tonight

Sean Hannity will air an hour-long interview with George Zimmerman tonight.  It is Zimmerman’s first interview since he shot Travon Martin to death in self-defense during an altercation in his Sanford, Florida neighborhood last February.

Hannity has been pursuing the interview for months.

Zimmerman will discuss what happened on the night of Martin’s death. His attorney, Mark O’Mara, will also participate in the interview and will address rumors circulating about bail donations and hidden money, FNC says.


The pair had an off-the-record phone conversation in April. Yesterday, GlobalGrind posted an article claiming that Hannity offered to pay Zimmerman’s legal fees; a spokesperson for Fox News told TVNewser Hannity has never offered to pay “any legal fees or any fee associated with George Zimmerman.”