Hamilton Musical’s Brandon Dixon, Who Lectured Pence, Wrote Rape Culture Tweet

Hamilton actor Brandon Dixon, who lectured Vice President-elect Mike Pence about the importance of protecting the vulnerable at a performance of the play last weekend, once wrote a tweet that seemed to suggest St. Patrick’s Day was open season for black men to prey specifically on white women who were too drunk to consent.

Dixon and the rest of the Hamilton cast sandbagged Pence, who was trying to enjoy the hit play with his family, on Friday night.  Dixon’s anti-white rape culture tweet surfaced on Sunday night.

St Patrick’s Day is a holiday well-known to feature overindulgence in alcohol.  It’s hard to see what Dixon could have meant in his 2012 tweet other than urging his “boys” to prey specifically on “white chicks” who are too drunk to consent to sexual activity.

Here’s a screen shot for when he deletes it.


And here’s an archive link that includes follow-up comments.