Had My First Ever Chick-fil-a Meal Tonight

So, despite a drive-thru line wrapped around the building, I braved the wait and had my first Chick-fil-a meal tonight. The place was nuts, and this was at 8:30 PM.

I couldn’t, of course, see the other people sitting in their cars, but I did have about 15 minutes to check out the people inside and walking in and out. What a happy bunch they were, laughing and smiling together as they waited in line and sat around tables.  I was struck by how many groups of young people there were.

The service was great and, needless to say, the food was fantastic, even after the drive home.

I love the liberal overreach. A decade ago, it was the Wellstone Memorial. Today it was Chick-fil-a.  In November it will be the voting booths.  I love that we don’t just get pissed off and brood anymore. We don’t even just get pissed off and vote. We get pissed off and do things.  Sure, it’s just chicken, and we all need to eat.  But organizing conservatives has always been like herding cats, and it seems like it’s not that way anymore. You build it and, apparently, we come.

When the other side gets balls, they’ll protest mosques where they advocate actually killing people for their sexual preferences.  As it is, they have no balls, so they harass little girls serving chicken.