Generic Republican Bests Obama By 5 Points Among Registered Voters

“Generic Republican” would beat failed President Barack Obama by at least 5 points if the 2012 election were held today according to Gallup.

This is with no campaign, no ads, no one-on-one debate with the President and – believe it or not – no Republican candidate. This is based completely on the power of Barack Obama’s mighty suck. Prepare for the leftward media to lose their collective shit.

PRINCETON, NJ — Forty-four percent of registered voters say they are more likely to vote for “the Republican Party’s candidate” and 39% for Barack Obama in the 2012 presidential election, according to Gallup’s June update.

I say “at least 5 points” because, at this point in the election cycle, Gallup polls all Registered Voters as opposed to Likely Voters, and the latter group usually favors Republican candidates more than the former.

Princetonian Gallup – and, yes, do conjure up an image of the typical liberal Princetonian as you read this – warns that the lead is not “statistically significant,” but I’d rather be 5 points ahead with the other guy under 40% than have it be the other way around.

The poll finds Republican and Democratic registered voters supporting their party’s candidate at similar levels, with independents breaking more for the Republican than for Obama. A substantial 26% of independent voters do not have a preference.

When there’s an incumbent in the race, 26% of independent voters being undecided means that 26% of independent voters have decided they do not support Barack Obama and are waiting for an excuse to support someone else.  Add more than half of them to the Republican total, because the majority will break that way.