Fun Police Clymer Wants To Tax Voters For Entering PA Casinos

Self-appointed anti-fun crusader State Representative Paul Clymer wants to tax casino goers $2 per visit to fund cushy pensions for unionized state government workers.

You may remember this Republican fossil for his war on a beverage when it seemed adults may have been having too much fun drinking it. Every once in a while, this shriveled nanny state Bloomberg wannabe gets his adult diapers in a wedge, and it usually winds up with you losing freedom or some of your money.

Believe it or not, tax-loving Clymer is a Republican who represents Upper Bucks.

It seems there’s one business that isn’t struggling during Obama’s economic downturn, and Clymer won’t be having any of that “thriving business” or “adult fun” stuff happening on his watch.

“The casinos are rolling in dough,” said Clymer, pointing to a February report that showed slot machine revenue increasing by 8.9 percent. “You’ll see a surge in table games as well. They’re making money by the tons. It would be appropriate to have them participate in helping fund the dollars we need with SERS and PSERS.”

Casinos are already taxed at a 55% rate, compared to 9% in New Jersey.

“Paul’s intentions are very good, but we already tax slot casinos at the 55 percent rate already. I really believe they pay enough taxes on what they do,” said [Bensalem State Rep. Gene] DiGirolamo, whose district is home to Parx Casino. “In New Jersey the tax on slots is 9 percent. Casinos have been a really good thing for Pennsylvania with the jobs they’re creating. To penalize them further would be unfair.”