Flash Mob To Sing Unsanctioned “Amazing Grace” At Ground Zero 9/11 Anniversary

A call has gone out on the internet to form a flash mob to sing “Amazing Grace” at Sunday’s 9/11 Ground Zero Memorial as soon as New York’s nanny / Mayor Michael Bloomberg starts to speak.

Note to Philadelphia flash mobs, “Amazing Grace” isn’t a hip-hop track you chant while bashing an innocent passerby in the head with a brick.  This isn’t a Philadelphia-style flash mob.

Bloomberg has turned the Anniversary memorial into a controversial event by not only banning clergy from the event, but also barring first-responders from attending.

Does anyone know (or care) where Michael Bloomberg was on 9/11/01? I know where the first responders were.

Please help us with this as we need to spread the word quickly…
ALL Attendee’s at the 9/11 Ground Zero Memorial, when Mayor Bloomberg begins to speak,
Please click a link below to copy the lyrics. Make extra copies to hand to the people next to you.
They can keep clergy out, but they can’t silence everyone!!!

6 thoughts on “Flash Mob To Sing Unsanctioned “Amazing Grace” At Ground Zero 9/11 Anniversary

  1. Matt says:

    Turning this into a protest is disrespectful to the people that died on Sept 11. I’m ashamed of you people.

  2. Gwenn says:

    Flash On – it’s the right of the people to speak up- what is disrespectful is to stand by and do nothing, what is disrespectful is for the leaders of the land lay down when it is time to take a stand. Stand up – for our country, our friends and families who lost their lives, our citizens who so badly want to keep ” One Nation Under God” Stand up and Flash Mob On because we do it to support and respect those who were murdered on 9/11 .

  3. Emily Dreaux says:

    Well wishes from Florida. Sing with your heart thanking God for all our many blessings and for His mercy upon a troubled America.

  4. Shelby Thomas says:

    Your shame is misplaced, Matt. It’s not a protest. It’s an inclusion of what should have been an important part of the program. Singing a hymn is entirely appropriate at this memorial ceremony. Shame belongs on the shoulders of those who disallowed not just clergy but first responders. There are no words to adequately describe how very wrong that is. The pain of that summary dismissal goes deep. I wish I could have been there today to sing “Amazing Grace.”

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