Fitzpatrick’s Anti-Business Vote Has Stefano Considering Primary Challenge

Mike Fitzpatrick’s September 15 vote against a bill that sought to reign in Barack Obama’s out-of-control National Labor Relations Board has Americans for Prosperity’s Jennifer Stefano considering a Republican primary run against him.

I first reported on Stefano’s interest last week.

Obama has been using the NLRB to strong-arm businesses to the benefit of his union benefactors. The organization blocked Boeing’s bid to build a plant in right-to-work South Carolina, which would have created thousands of jobs in the state.

Fitzpatrick has long been in the back pocket of labor unions to the detriment of business. In 2005, he was photographed on his knees signing a large summary of anti-business “Card Check” legislation, which he co-sponsored.  A page on the site for his failed 2006 reelection campaign bragged that Fitzpatrick was rated among the least conservative Republicans in Congress.

The director of policy for labor and energy for AFP [Stefano] said she initially “dismissed” overtures from individuals she would not name to seek the 8th District Republican nomination in 2012. But after Fitzpatrick’s Sept. 15 vote she told her courters “I will listen to you now.”

“They are a rogue federal agency and Fitzpatrick voted against reining them in,” Stefano said of the vote, which passed the House 238 to 186 but did not make it out of the Senate. “Any Republican who stands for the principles of the party would not have voted that way. It was a bad vote. It’s going to make union bosses richer and put union and nonunion workers out of work.

“My goal and my hope is not to primary anybody. There’s no PAC, no exploratory committee. None of that nonsense. I know every vote will not go my way all the time, but that NLRB was a principle vote.”

RINO Mike tried frantically to backpedal.

In an emailed statement, Fitzpatrick’s chief of staff Patrick Lyden stated, “Congressman Fitzpatrick believes that companies should be able to build plants anywhere in this country that they desire. If the bill before Congress would have reversed the Boeing decision — he would have supported it.”

The congressman went a step further late Monday night.

“The NLRB should immediately withdraw the complaint against Boeing and permit the plant to go forward,” Fitzpatrick said during a phone call.

None of that explains Fitzpatrick’s love letter to Mark G. Pearce, the NLRB’s chairman, on the day of his anti-business vote, though.

The day of the vote, Fitzpatrick wrote a letter to Mark G. Pearce, chairman of the NLRB. In explaining his nay vote, Fitzpatrick stated he believes that the NLRB has a role to play in “protecting both employees and employers. Most troubling, H.R. 2587 would bar the NLRB from filing any claim against a company for unfairly outsourcing jobs. This is an important function of the NLRB, especially when we are witnessing the exodus of American manufacturing to foreign countries.”

A fan of playing both sides against the middle, though, Fitzpatrick made sure to include a little love tap.

However, he stated he was “shocked that the NLRB would attack a company that is creating thousands of new jobs with a billion dollar investment in Charleston, S.C. Additionally, not a single employee in Washington has been adversely affected by this decision.”

Now stand back as RINO Mike’s way-too-emotionally-invested supporters struggle to explain away yet another of Fitzpatrick’s revealing votes.



2 thoughts on “Fitzpatrick’s Anti-Business Vote Has Stefano Considering Primary Challenge

  1. No Rino says:

    Mike’s Right and this is Bucks Wrong. A couple of things: This smackdown bill is going nowhere. Everyone is having a knee-jerk reaction. And who says Fitzpatrick isn’t pro-business? The Chambers of Commerce love him. The imminent issue now is to stop the NLRB from wrecking the Boeing plant in South Carolina, (a right-to-work state) for telling the private American company where it can do business,i.e., making it move its operation,and 1,000 jobs, back to Washington. Throwing out the NLRB (or gutting it) also means death to all the pending cases, some good for the employer and some not. No Excuses!: Fitzpatrick’s vote actually makes sense if you consider the above, namely Boeing’s issue AND the likelihood the bill won’t make it past the Senate. P.S. Stefano can’t be serious — seems like one of those “run-it-up-the flagpole” moments.

    • Steven says:

      The Chamber of Commerce, by default “loves” anyone with an R behind their name. Which is useful at times. Those times are when that “R” designation actually means something.

      So, by that “won’t make it though the Senate” logic, the Republican House shouldn’t try to fix ANYTHING? Should they not have passed an ObamaCare repeal? Should they not have passed “Cut Cap and Balance” or the Ryan budget?

      It wasn’t establishment Republicans like RINO Mike who brought the Boeing issue to the forefront, and it’s not establishment Republicans who are keeping issues like Boeing – or the Gibson plant – in the public eye. Instead of blindly parroting the “My Mike, Right or Wrong” line, you should be thanking Tea Party patriots like Stefano for changing the national conversation away from the “what government can do for you” tripe that got Obama elected in 2008 – almost on a dime – to “what can we cut and how deeply?”

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