Fans Fund Veronica Mars Movie In 10 Hours

Fans of long defunct CW series Veronica Mars took only 10 hours to fund a proposed $2 million feature film reviving the character Wednesday.

Series creator Rob Thomas and star Kristen Bell, along with three other cast members from the original series, released a video in conjunction with the funding request on crowd-sourced venture capital site Kickstarter.   The requested $2 million was pledged to the project in 10 hours.  Pledges will continue to be accepted until April 12th, with Thomas promising that additional funding will be used to make a better movie.  As of right now, about $2.5 million has been pledged by over 39,000 backers.

I liked Veronica Mars.  So sue me. It was a dark, funny and kind of intense show.  Plus, have you seen Kristen Bell?

Yeah, I know she’s a big fat stinkin’ liberal and so is her boyfriend Dax Shepard and, when the baby that Shepard put in her comes out, it’ll probably be a big stinkin’ liberal, too. I liked the show and, for further information, see above.  If I decided I was only going to be entertained by people I agree with, I’d spend most of my time sitting in a silent room staring at the wall.  As long as they’re not shoving their nonsense down my throat during the program, I can live with it.

Anyway, the film immediately went into pre-production upon completion of its fundraising goal.  Filming is planned for the summer, and they’re looking for an early 2014 release.

Here’s the video proposal, which was obviously filmed quite a while ago.  Bell is incredibly pregnant right now.