Failed President: You Know, I’m A Lot Like Lincoln

Thin-skinned failed President Barack Obama wants you to know that politics is rough and tumble.  Being flown and driven around, cooked for, and talking about yourself and your ideas for an hour or two a day can take its toll on anyone.

He doesn’t mind though, even though he has it a little bit worse than Abraham Lincoln.

Sounds like we’re hurting Barack’s feelings a little bit.

“When you listen to what the Federalists said about the Anti-Federalists, and the names that Jefferson called Hamilton and back and forth — I mean those guys were tough,” Obama said.  “Lincoln — they used to talk about him almost as bad as they talk about me.  So democracy has never been for the faint of heart.”

It’s not the first time Obama has whined about the kind of criticism that other Presidents seem to have taken in stride.  Back in September 2010, the Victim in Chief cried to a group of supporters in Wisconsin that critics “talk about me like a dog.