Dummy Booker Tries Trump Slam With Phony Franklin Quote

Dimwitted New Jersey Democrat Senator Cory “Dumber Obama” Booker tweeted out a fraudulent Benjamin Franklin quote on Monday in a flaccid attempt to slam President Donald Trump.

cory-bookerBooker’s brand is being a fumbling imitation of former President Barack Obama, but considerably dumber.

Tweets are pretty much all the impotent Democrat minority in the Senate have left.  They can’t stop anything with their votes. They’ve lost all their power not only in the Federal government, but also across the overwhelming majority of states and, in a lot of cases, down to the local level.  They are, as has been noted before, a coastal fringe party.

Benjamin Franklin scholar Dr. Blaine McCormick of Baylor University says the quote is phony.

The first place I look is the Franklin Papers at Yale University and the quote does not surface. You will find the “rebellion to tyrants” quote in the papers, though. Further, Franklin was a much better write (sic) than this. A more authentic Franklin quote might read, “The first responsibility of every citizen is to question authority” and I suspect Ben would add “…every good citizen…”.

So, why start the sentence with “It”? Even if Franklin were to start a sentence with “it” he would use the more Colonial version such as these quotes, “Tis easier to prevent bad habits than to break them.” (BF, 1745) or “Tis a well spent penny that saves a groat.” (BF, 1749) There are many more authentic Franklin quotes which begin with “Tis” (short for “It is”, just to be clear).

Whoever perpetrated this particular hoax would have helped themselves by at least penning, “Tis the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority” to Franklin instead.