Don’t Just Sit There Stewing…DO SOMETHING.

This is it. All or nothing.  So don’t just sit there doing nothing, reading Twitter and worrying. Do something.

You can make calls for Romney / Ryan from home via It doesn’t cost you anything.  What happens is, you sign up.  You sign in. You enter your phone number. The campaign CALLS YOU. Then a number and a script pop up on the screen. You click, they connect you to the person. If it’s an answering machine, you read the script. If it’s a person, you do the survey then read the script.  No one gets your Caller ID information – they get the campaign’s number.  Once you’re done, you enter the disposition and you’re on to the next number.

You’re calling Republican voters from past elections, so the hostility level is low. You’re not going to be challenged by tools of the Obama regime.  You’re trying to get our voters out to the polls, and that’s what needs to happen for Romney to win.