Democrats, Obama To Scramble To Obfuscate “You Didn’t Build That” Today

The Democrat Party and Obama re-election campaign are coordinating “going nuclear” against Mitt Romney in response to Romney accurately quoting one of Obama’s campaign speeches.

Looks like Obama and Axelrod flipped the panic switch, and now it’s time to launch more negative campaigning against Romney that will only drive up Obama’s negatives.

“In conjunction with OFA, we’re going to turn the page tomorrow on Mitt Romney’s trumped up, out of context fact-checked-to-death BS about the President and small business and set the record straight on how Mitt Romney has a horrible record on small business.” Woodhouse said in a memo sent to BuzzFeed, saying there will be on-the-ground events across the country — including in Massachusetts — to rebut Romney’s attack.

The memo follows an ad from Obama rebutting the Romney campaign’s version of what the president said.

The Romney campaign has maintained that the context only makes the original quote worse, but regardless, their attack clearly has Democrats worried — Obama has twice in two days responded to it himself.

Look, it sucks (for you) that your guy said what he meant.  You can’t tell me he said this…

I’m always struck by people who think, well, it must be because I was just so smart. There are a lot of smart people out there. It must be because I worked harder than everybody else. Let me tell you something — there are a whole bunch of hardworking people out there.

…and that it had absolutely nothing to do with when he said this, like, 7 seconds later…

If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen.

Sorry, but that’s an amplification of the same thought.  Spin away, waste another $100 million on ineffective negative attacks, but it’s what you said and it’s how you feel.


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  1. T says:

    Who are you going to believe? Your own lying eyes (and ears) or “The ONE(tm)”. If you believe your own senses you are clearly too stupid to understand what “The ONE(tm)” meant. OBEY. You will be assimilated.

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