Democrat Spontaneous Seizure Auto Accidents Multiplying

First it was ousted former Obama Commerce Secretary John Bryson, who claimed seizures caused him to flee the scene of multiple automobile accidents, some of them even involving the same car.

Now its Kerry Kennedy, daughter of the late Robert Kennedy, who comes from a family that, of course, has historically had no problems with drugs or alcohol or automobiles at all, crying seizure after her car crash and DWI arrest in New York.  As you can see by the not-at-all disheveled looking photo, she is obviously a together kind of woman.

Kennedy was arrested Friday AM after driving erratically and crashing into a tractor trailer on I-684 in NY. Police charged with driving while impaired by drugs after she allegedly admitted to taking an Ambien.

But a source tells the NY Post that the Kennedy family now believe the 52-year-old may have suffered a seizure instead. The source says, “She does not remember how she got to the side of the road. All she remembers is feeling very woozy.”

The source adds that the Kennedy family now fears an undiagnosed medical condition may be to blame.

Someone needs to get on this Democrat Spontaneous Seizure While Driving epidemic. It’s scary.