Democrat Party 2011: Democrat + Blackberry = Public Johnson Pictures

A New Jersey Democrat has resigned from his county post after nude photos he took of himself and emailed to a woman were posted online.

Democrat Cumberland County Freeholder Louis Magazzu says he was set up.  Apparently, someone tricked him into taking pictures of his wang in the mirror and sending them to a woman who wasn’t his wife.  Or maybe they tricked him into becoming a Democrat, a party affiliation that seems to require you to take pictures of your wang in the mirror and send them to a woman who isn’t your wife.  He doesn’t specify how the set up worked.

The 53-year-old Democratic lawyer, who’d been an elected county official since 1997, said he sent the photos to a woman with whom he corresponded online for several years and that she requested the photos. At least two of the photos revealed his crotch, two photos showed him fully dressed in a suit and a fifth showed him from the waist up, shirtless.

“I did not know that she was working with an avowed political enemy to distribute these pictures,” he said. “I have retained counsel to determine what laws may have been broken by the unauthorized distribution of those pictures.”

Are you joking, Louis the Letch? You’re going to approach the issue of your wang pictures from the copyright claim angle? Why didn’t Weiner think of that?

The man who posted the photos last month, Carl B. Johnson of Millville, told The Associated Press that he was happy Magazzu was leaving office and that he would consider taking down the photos.

Johnson, elected to nothing and entitled to his privacy, says that Magazzu brought his family and child support payments into the discussion during a “squabble” about property taxes.

“I started the blog three years ago after a nasty freeholder meeting … it started as a way to expose the dirty underbelly of Cumberland County politics,” Johnson said. “No one did anything in the party without him having his say.”

Johnson said on his website that the woman “contacted me out of the blue this year.” He said he told her to contact the media, and when none seemed interested, he “reluctantly revealed them.”