Democrat Congressman Sanford Bishop Pees In Cup On Airplane

Georgia Democrat Congressman Sanford Bishop peed in a cup in the cabin on a Delta flight from Washington to Atlanta last month (see update below) although witnesses say there was no line for the plane’s bathroom.

UPDATE NOTE: I originally read the date on the ABC article as June 2012.  It’s actually JUNE 2002.  Why is the on Drudge like it’s recent?

Here’s the original article I wrote:

I’m not clear on how the entire world missed this for a month, but we somehow did. Be sure that, were it Congressman Paul Ryan or John Boehner, it would have been front page news for a week.  Charges would have been filed, and there would be endless media calls for censure on the floor of the House.

A Congressman whips it out and pees in a cup in the cabin of an airplane, and this isn’t worth a month of late-night jokes?

[The Congressman’s spokesman Selby] McCash said Bishop had drunk a large amount of coffee, the flight had been delayed, and by the time the half-hour in the air was up, long lines for the bathroom formed at either end of the plane.

Bishop was in the middle of the craft and “in distress,” McCash said.

After he relieved himself, he waited for a lavatory to become available, and “disposed of the cup,” the spokesman said.

Sources, however, insist there was no line, and said the congressman simply couldn’t wait.

One man, One cup. Not as compelling or erotic. Just kinda gross.