Democrat +14 Poll Shows Obama With Only 10 Point Lead

Politico reports on the most recent wildly biased poll out of Pew, which shows that, despite a 14 point advantage given to Democrats in the sample of the poll, failed President Barack Obama was only able to muster a 10 point lead.

The disastrous President was only barely able to crack 50% in the poll, coming in at 51% to 40% over Mitt Romney.  It’s not a Registered Voter or even a Likely Voter poll, but rather a poll of all adults, where more than a quarter of the respondents weren’t even registered voters.

The polling sample broke down as shown below:

32%… Democrat
18%… Republican
24%… Independent
26%… Non-Voters

This isn’t a scientific poll in any real sense of the word.  The methodology appears to be calling random people until they get Barack Obama over 50%.