Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Is Someone’s Hair Hero

Throw away the conditioner and comb, because having a split-end infested greasy looking wire brush on top of your head is all the rage according to the New York Times’ style pages.

Dummy Blabbermouth-Schultz is Judith Newman’s “style and hair hero.”

“Politics aside, I love the congresswoman’s guts in not bowing to the vast Blowout Conspiracy. Sometimes she’s got those blonde waves, sometimes she’s got pin-curls, but I’ve never seen her on a Sunday morning chat show with helmet hair. She is a serious, passionate voice for progressive politics in this country, and she’s not afraid to have hair that’s passionate, too.”

“Politics aside,” if I ever got “passionate” with someone whose hair could cause me bodily damage, I would seriously rethink my life choices. Not to be too graphic, but if that brittle mess happens to hit a man the wrong way across his most sensitive of areas, an Emergency Room visit could be in order.

By the way, why is it OK to praise a female politician for things like hair and style, but not OK to criticize her for them?  While I’m sure Newman’s gush is fully acceptable to the victim class, all criticism of those same things is somehow off limits.