Dead: CNBC’s Mark Haines (65)

CNBC has announced that long-time Squawk Box and Squawk on the Street host Mark Haines has died suddenly at age 65.

Known mostly for his work on CNBC, Haines was previously an anchor on KYW-TV in Philadelphia.

Haines, founding anchor of CNBC’s morning show “Squawk Box,” was co-anchor of the network’s “Squawk on the Street” program, providing insight and commentary sometimes humorous and occasionally acerbic.


Haines may be best remembered for his calming and commanding presence during the 9/11 tragedy when he reacted unflapplably to the furious stream of incoming rumor and even more astonishing truth with a professionalism that rivaled any television anchor, said CNBC senior economics reporter Steve Liesman.

Haines and former co-host Erin Burnett said a tearful on-air goodbye to each other after a long and successful collaboration just under three weeks ago.