DCCC Pulls Kathy Boockvar’s Ad Money

The Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee has pulled advertising funding from radical Democrat Kathy Boockvar’s campaign to replace Republican Mike Fitzpatrick.

The race has been portrayed by liberal-leaning media as one of the most competitive in Pennsylvania although no reliable polling was ever released about the race. Guess not.

The DCCC never fully pulled funding from Patrick Murphy’s failed 2010 reelection bid, but did drastically cut its spending when it became clear he would be defeated. Apparently, this is worse. The DCCC is out of PA-8 entirely, and has cut Boockvar loose.

Game over. Please turn off the light switch and shut off the faucet as you leave.

Now that there’s effectively no challenger, the NRCC is going to cut its ad spending here, too.

“Since the DCCC is abandoning Kathy Boockvar, we’re moving our resources for that week elsewhere,” said the NRCC source.

Mike Fitzpatrick still has a ton of money to spend, though. Maybe he’ll televise some family volleyball games or Scategories nights with his campaign chest.

2 thoughts on “DCCC Pulls Kathy Boockvar’s Ad Money

  1. Righton says:

    Bookvar has the help of CREDO and MoveOn locals – Their game is pretty clear in the weeks before she loses. Do they need the DNCC money now? They have Soros money and San Francisco money going into the race – Bookvar is all they’ve got. And the Failed President, of course.

    • Steven says:

      The DCCC NEVER pulls money from a challenger who is leading or has a chance. Double that in a race that they touted early on as their best “Red to Blue” prospect in the state. Plus, if it was the case that they were planning to just use all of these radical groups’ outside money, then the NRCC wouldn’t have stopped spending, too. These things only happen when the challenger has NO CHANCE AT ALL. I offer as my final piece of evidence the fact that the commie rag local papers know this is such a disaster for Dems that they didn’t even bother to report it today.

      There’s a reason that the biased media didn’t release a single poll on this race: They didn’t want to dispirit Democrats in this swing county for the sake of up-ballot races. Now the Dems have no choice but to pull the money because the tide is turning and they need to fall back and actually defend seats they already hold.

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