Cruz Dodges Infidelity Question

GOP Presidential nomination spoiler Ted Cruz twice dodged a reporter’s question about whether he has always been faithful to his wife.

Cruz, who has run a campaign as a half-lawyer/half-preacher hybrid candidate, first tried to have surrogate Carly Fiorina deflect the question.  Fiorina desperately attempted to turn the conversation around to presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump  When further pressed, Cruz refused to answer yes or no, instead falling back on calling the the National Enquirer report that started the firestorm “garbage,” which has been the designated talking point for his beleaguered campaign.

Not looking good for Cruz here. Seems a “yes” or “no” would suffice.

‘Senator I’m sorry, this is a very serious question about your character,’ the second question came.

‘Will you just – if the answer is, “Yes, I’ve always been faithful to my wife,” can you just say so please?’

His practised answer stuck to the more limited denial that the National Enquirer story was false, calling it ‘complete garbage.’

‘It is total lies, it was planted by Donald Trump’s henchmen, and I don’t think the people of Wisconsin or the people of America have any interest in tabloid trash.’

Note he won’t address the issue, just the article about the issue.

Meanwhile, Amanda Carpenter, one of the women the National Enquirer seems to have alleged was involved with Cruz, took to Twitter to defend a picture from her Instagram account that some have said shows her sitting on a bed in a hotel room next to a pack of condoms.

A screen shot of her Instagram account, which is also available as an archive if it gets deleted, shows the package in question is present in the original photo as posted by Carpenter herself.  Some have said that, through digital manipulation raising the contrast, it becomes apparent that the package in the picture Carpenter posted contains condoms.  Carpenter has not said what the package actually is.


Here is a digitally altered version of the package.