CRASH: Big Talker Gets Smaller, WPHT-AM Sees Ratings Plunge

Ratings for Philadelphia’s 1210 WPHT-AM have shown steep decline after the station dropped syndicated conservative talkers Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and replaced them with squishy local moderates.

WPHT-AM replaced Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity in 2011. Rush Limbaugh opted out of his contract in order to move to FM rival WWIQ earlier this year.

The station, which sported a 3.0 share in May, now lays claim to just 2.0% of the market’s audience share. And this is during baseball season, when the station’s ratings are usually inflated.

Shouldn’t talk radio ratings go UP leading into an election?

New FM rival WWIQ-FM 106.9 does not appear to subscribe to the ratings service yet.

One thought on “CRASH: Big Talker Gets Smaller, WPHT-AM Sees Ratings Plunge

  1. T says:

    The two yutzes on at 3PM are about as moderate as Chris Matthews, and not 1% as intelligent. (A Garden Gnome could win a battle of wits with those two unarmed twits.) The only good time of the day is the drive in – I’m looking for 106.9 now.

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