Courier-Times In Front Page Smear Of Mike Fitzpatrick’s Teenaged Daughter

The Bucks County Courier-Times has sunken so low that they are trolling the Twitter feeds of the children of Congressmen whose politics they disagree with to fill the front page of their “newspaper.”

In a story that would likely have rejected as irrelevant and unnecessary, Courier-Times columnist Kate Fratti picked through 19-year old Maggie Fitzpatrick’s Twitter feed for trash to splash across the “newspaper’s” front page.  $1.75 will not only get you yesterday’s news that you already read on the Internet, but also a vicious smear surrounding the private life of a college student.

Mission accomplished, Fratti.  Maggie Fitzpatrick was so cowed and embarrassed that she deleted her Twitter feed.  Three cheers for freedom of expression! Fratti used hers to intimidate Fitzpatrick away from being able to use hers.

That’ll teach you to have a pro-life dad, Maggie.

If Malia and Sasha Obama were the target of bitter Fratti’s vicious smear, she wouldn’t have a job this morning, and neither would far left Courier-Times editor Pat Walker.  But the Courier-Times “only” attacked the daughter of a Republican congressman, so it’s totally OK.  Or something.

Better get to typing, Fratti.  Fitzpatrick’s got 5 more kids to intimidate into submission.  Maybe you’ll attack Fitzpatrick’s kids so much that he’ll decide public service isn’t worth it and leave Congress. I suppose that’s ultimately the point.

Comments on the online version of the article, a good number of which have since been deleted by the Courier-Times, show that readers from all over the political spectrum are outraged at the invasion of this teenaged girl’s private life.

Fratti offers a razor thin excuse for why it was OK for her to run a front page print article smearing a teenaged girl, citing a piece on a self-described DC gossip blog as her justification.

2 thoughts on “Courier-Times In Front Page Smear Of Mike Fitzpatrick’s Teenaged Daughter

  1. Kenneth E. MacAlister Jr. says:

    This doesn’t surprise me in the least. I canceled my subscription to The Courier Times a long time ago. May it go the way of many other newspapers in this country – out of business.

  2. Righton says:

    Your response is the response of other ethical journalists, including two that refused the bait. Even a few of the congressman’s detractors chimed in against the publication in the “hometown, family newspaper. There is no other way to see that column except as a smear — The daughter of a public figure is still a private figure. She is not fair game as a news item. . .unless of course the target is her Dad. Next, justification from Courier is the fact this emerged in a “gossip blog” in D.C. Did they investigate that? How did the provincial Courier Times find that story? It was handed to them! That’s my educated guess. Again, the target was the father, not the daughter, but they did a great disservice to a college kid who learned a hard lesson about the Internet and the vicious people who dislike the father she loves. As for the Courier. . .What’s the expression? Those without sin, cast the first stone. Something fitting, I say.

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