Courier-Times Doesn’t Think Its News That Democrats Have Fled PA-8 Race

The Bucks County Courier-Times and sister paper Intelligencer are earning their place at the bottom of the bird cage this election season, most recently by embargoing news that the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee has pulled out of the 2012 Congressional race here, essentially conceding the race to Republican incumbent Mike Fitzpatrick.

As a result of the DCCC yanking funding from Democrat Kathy Boockvar, Roll Call moved the race from “Leans Republican” to “Likely Republican,” their strongest rating for races that are anything below a sure thing.

You’d know none of this, though, if you relied on the BCCT or their resident Boockvar booster Gary Weckselblatt. Up until this week, they’ve been reporting every web video and fart related to the race. The DCCC’s move happened days ago, though. Yet it’s unreported.

The paper is clearly trying to protect what little enthusiasm Boockvar’s few ardent supporters and financial donors have. If I was a hard-working Boockvar donor in this district, I’d be pissed that the paper not only gave me the false impression that she ever had a chance, but that they withheld the news that the race was over.

The only article about Boockvar since the DCCC dropped her is a column by JD Mullane. He doesn’t even mention that the party no longer financially supports the candidate.

DCCC action wasn’t always non-news to the paper, though. Here’s how they reported on the DCCC making the race a “priority” back in March

“This is one of the top districts in the country that we need to get into play,” said Robby Mook, executive director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

In a conference call with Pennsylvania political reporters Wednesday, Mook listed Boockvar as one of 18 House candidates on the party’s “Red to Blue” list that he said is “at the heart” of Democrats’ “Drive to 25.”

The top candidates made the list, he said, by surpassing demanding fundraising, organization and infrastructure goals and demonstrated they are problem solvers who will represent new priorities when elected to Congress.

Mook called Boockvar a “proven campaigner with a proven ability to fundraise. We’re excited to have her on the list.” Last November, Boockvar, an attorney from Doylestown, was defeated in her statewide race for Commonwealth Court judge.

Her “Red to Blue” standing means financial backing and logistical support from the DCCC.

Heh – not any more.

So worry not, Boockvar donors. Keep sending your checks to support this failed, doomed candidacy. The BCCT says it’s OK.