Columbia To Obama White House Staffers: You Should Pay Your Hookers

Eleven agents with the US Secret Service, a department that operates under the supervision of Janet Napolitano, have been placed on leave following an incident last week in Columbia.  The agents are alleged to have not paid one of the 11 prostitutes they hired during their trip to perform advance work for Barack Obama’s trip to the country.

As more information about the Obama Unpaid Hooker scandal came to light Saturday, 5 members of the US Military were confined to their quarters after it was learned they may have been part of the scandalous incident.  The boozy hooker party took place in a hotel that also housed “White House staffers, members of the press and dignitaries.”

The Obama White House Stiffed Hooker scandal, or Stiffed Hookergate as I hope it becomes known, is another example of the culture of excess that plagues the Obama White House.

The trouble began for the Secret Service after the agents’ night of carousing, when a hotel employee noticed a hooker’s ID was still at the front desk at 7 a.m., in violation of hotel policy on overnight guests, King said.

The manager went to the agent’s room where the woman had spent the night and saw the two inside arguing, King said.

“She said the agent owed her money,” King said. “He said he didn’t have to pay her.”

He eventually forked over the money and the situation was resolved. But the cops were called and they filed a report, which was sent to the US Embassy.

2 thoughts on “Columbia To Obama White House Staffers: You Should Pay Your Hookers

  1. MrEthiopian says:

    FU – Im glad your crappy site is being blocked and labeled as garbage, you epitomize our current president above as a womanizing whore, yet the story is about the people guarding him. You can’t blame a president for all the worlds problems, if you do this your as bad as Hitler and Nazis, because they did this same thing to the jews of the world.

    Did we blame Bush for shooting his friends in a hunting accident? No we did not, but if the presidents were reversed you would.

    btw- you suck

    • Steven says:

      The secret service is an executive branch department. The President is in charge of the executive branch. The President is the Commander in Chief of the military. I know he can’t stand to take responsibility for anything that has happened over the past three and a half years, but reality is that he needs to put on his big boy pants and own up to his failures of leadership.

      If the site is being blocked, how did a moron like you manage to get here?

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