College Students Rail Against The Real World On ‘Trillion Dollar Day’

College students, spontaneously, in cities across the country, strangely and entirely coincidentally in concert with Obama’s pander of the week, decided to protest against the debt they have racked up attending overpriced colleges and universities on the day when all the money they borrowed supposedly will total one trillion dollars.

Reality.  It hurts.  Colleges cost.  Better colleges cost more than worse colleges.  Great colleges cost more than better colleges.  Hundreds of thousands of us went to the best colleges that we could afford, rather than the best colleges that we could borrow our way into.  You didn’t? Not my problem. It’s not my responsibility to cover the difference.

Cue the sob stories.

Hadi Nassar, 31, whose eight years of undergraduate and dental school education has left him $186,000 in debt, said he was having to rethink his plan to work at a community health clinic.

“It makes me angry. It makes me not want to do what I set out to do – which was, help people, take care of people,” said Nassar, a dental resident. “That type of job isn’t going to give me enough income, monthly, to pay this off.”

Boo hoo.  You may have to work for actual money rather than doing what you set out to do?  Welcome to the real world, Hadi, 31 year old student.  The world is, literally, full of people doing things they didn’t set out to do because they need to earn a living.  Believe it or not, there are ways to help people that don’t cost $186,000 over eight years.

Or, no offense, but maybe if you were a little bit smarter or applied yourself a little bit more, you could have gotten a scholarship.

Tyrone Dickerson, 24, said he was forced to drop out of college last year – having completed three-quarters of his human services degree at Cazenovia College in upstate New York – after he was told a grant would not be renewed.

Already $15,000 in debt, Dickerson said it did not seem worth it to borrow the additional money he would need to finish his education. He said he is looking into enrolling in a cheaper, public university.

“It was not worth it for a bachelor’s degree,” he said.

It’s not worth it for a worthless human services bachelor degree.  Why didn’t you go to school for something that would give you an income when you got out?  Why didn’t you go to a public university in the first place?  As some kind of status symbol that you clearly could not afford?  Status symbols are status symbols because not everyone can attain them.  Again – Reality: It Hurts.

These two tools are not interested in careers.  They are interested in having a piece of paper that frees them to pursue their interests in a way that they can be disguised as a career.

Get this straight, you two advanced-age students: Society is not here to entitle you to pursue interests.

First-year law school student Lauren Adams, 25, said she will owe about $135,000 when she graduates from the university with a law degree. Adams expects to go into public interest law where the salaries are much less than salaries at private law firms.

“That debt is on my credit … so it’s going to be really hard to get an affordable mortgage to buy a house,” she said, standing outside the law school building on Bascom Hill. “It really concerns me.”

So go into a private law firm and make some money.  Problem solved.

Or, is stripping an option?  There’s no photo with the article, so your guess is as good as mine.  I only ask because, on TV, a lot of female students seem to work their way through college stripping.  Your face doesn’t even need to be that good if your body is reasonably fit.  And, if you’re near Oakford PA, your body really doesn’t even need to be all that fit to tell you the truth.

You borrowed the money, dinkus.  If doing what you want to do is not worth the cost you’re paying to do it, why are you doing it?  It’s like investing in a shitty company and then yelling at your portfolio when it goes to zero.  You’re the one who invested more in a shitty career than it’s worth.  Whose fault is that?

One thought on “College Students Rail Against The Real World On ‘Trillion Dollar Day’

  1. FX Phillips says:

    And, if you’re near Oakford PA, your body really doesn’t even need to be all that fit to tell you the truth.

    If it’s the place I’m thinking of (at the foot of the hill leading up to Neshaminy mall) then yeah I have to second that one. They actually renamed that place to try and give it some cachet.

    Notice “his petulance” saves his vitriol for those in the “Bigs”(oil, finance, insurance, pharmacy and is much more subdued if not actually AWOL in criticizing the other “Bigs”(government, trial bar, environmental, education). The last four being hopelessly incestuous in their operations.

    The reason Big education is so big is that they are highly subsidized by government largesse. Since it is only tax payer money they(the “educators”) feel it is an unending supply and can charge any price for a product whose luster has worn off as the skills of these diploma mill grads come under more and more scrutiny and skepticism.

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