CNN News Anchor Makes Most Racist Comments Ever On The Air

A CNN anchor made what were apparently the most controversial and racist statements ever uttered on television over the weekend.

After playing a clip of Bill O’Reilly’s recent contribution to the “national conversation on race relations,” the CNN anchor had the nerve to not only agree with him but also say that O’Reilly had not gone far enough.  The CNN anchor then went on a racist tear, uttering words that I must warn you before you go any further are pretty close to a verbal lynching.

“Black people, if you really want to fix the problem, here’s just five things that you should think about doing.” Those five things, he said, were hiking up their pants, finishing school, not using the n-word, taking care of their communities and not having children out of wedlock.


The CNN anchor, by the way, is former NBC10 weekend / fill-in anchor Don Lemon. He’s black. Lemon became a liberal darling when he came out as gay in 2011. That goodwill has, apparently, expired now because he has offended those higher on the grievance ladder than being gay allowed him to.

This is, apparently, the most racist advice ever uttered on television. “Pull Up My Pants? The hell you say.”

Please, tell me more about the honest national conversation on race, including why only MSNBC anchors who agree with Al Sharpton are allowed to participate in it.

Reaction from Goldie Taylor, who blocked me on Twitter when I questioned her for declaring “Open Season” after the Zimmerman verdict, is fairly typical of the overall tenor of our “honest national conversation.”

“Turncoat mofo” is the new “Uncle Tom.”

The culture of victimization expressly forbids you from even implying that peoples problems are mostly of their own creation, and that the solutions to those problems can mostly only come from within.