Chris Christie’s Credit Rating Downgraded

Can all these “Chris Christie is running for President” rumors stop now? New Jersey just had their credit rating downgraded, from AA to AA-, by ratings agency Fitch.

Can’t exactly have a guy whose state got downgraded on his watch run around attacking Obama for having the country downgraded on his watch.

New Jersey just got its credit rating downgraded by Fitch from AA to AA-.

It might not be a big deal, and it might not be his fault, but this should probably kill any buzz about him running for President right now, given that THE DOWNGRADE is expected to be such a salient point of attack for any eventual GOP nominee.

I love Christie on the union busting / tax cutting / fiscal sanity thing, and so does everyone else.  But I guarantee that, on every other issue, the guy would fracture the party so bad you’d see a third-party challenger from the right if he ever managed to get nominated. He’s Guiliani without the 9/11 cred.