CBS Los Angeles Newscaster Serene Branson Suffers Possible On-Air Stroke

CBS Los Angeles television reporter Serene Branson is under medical observation today after losing the ability to speak intelligibly during a live report outside the Grammy Awards last night.

*UPDATE* Management at her television station in Los Angeles said that she was treated by paramedics at the scene but, her vital signs found to be normal, was never hospitalized and is “feeling better” Monday.

Branson begins her report normally after being introduced by the news anchors, but she quickly becomes unable to speak.

The first news reports about the incident came from publications in Great Britain, posting articles like “If this Grammys video clip doesn’t make you laugh out loud, see a doctor” (they conclude “It’s officially hilarious!”) and The Daily Record out of Scotland, which promised that “A US newscaster is set for infamy after a disasterour (sic) onscreen link at the Grammy Awards went wrong.”  The Daily Record’s report has since been taken down, replaced with a much more neutral report mentioning the possible stroke.

The ignorance wasn’t limited to British subjects, though.  The New York Daily News posted video of the incident via Funny or Die.  The Los Angeles native who initially uploaded the clip to YouTube entitled it “Serene Branson Epic Fail After Grammys,” and the genius included the misspelling “Grammy’s” in his description of the video.

The video is below.  I warn you, it is disturbing to watch.  Besides worrying that Branson is going to drop dead at any second, the douchebags who can’t figure out how to capture video without pointing a video camera at the television burst into laughter at the end.

Despite their posting being clear examples of fair use, CBS appears to have removed all Branson videos from YouTube (even the one embedded at!).  Here’s a version from the UK.

3 thoughts on “CBS Los Angeles Newscaster Serene Branson Suffers Possible On-Air Stroke

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  2. tina Owens says:

    My heart goes out to Serene Branson! I know how scary that must have been for her as the same thing has happened to me in the past. I was also taken to a near by hospital and evaluated. It was called a psycotic episode. I’m sure she’ll make a full recovery!

  3. Kelly says:

    Serene Branson… I hope your seeing a doctor for whatever occured and being treated….. Please Take Care and be well

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