CB East Students Can Opt-Out Of Classes Taught By Natalie Munroe

If you’re a parent whose kid goes to CB East High School and don’t think your child is a “rude, disengaged, lazy whiner” or a “rat-like,” “frightfully dim,” “whiny, simpering grade-grubber,”  you’re probably wrong.  OK, just kidding.  Your kid is, of course, a go-getter genius angel.  Good news in any event, though.  You can still opt-out of having your kid taught by Natalie Munroe, who wrote those things about her students on her now infamous blog.

The school district announced that they think they’re legally required to bring Munroe back.  They don’t seem too thrilled with it, though, and are honoring every opt-out request for Munroe’s classes that they receive.  So far, they say they’ve received 60.

“In exercising her right to speak and by blatantly refusing to apologize for her actions, she has created an unenviable position for herself. By exercising her right to speak, she has sacrificed her respect, her professionalism, and her ethical standing as an educator, role model and mentor for students. And no matter where she goes now, no matter where she intends to teach, that is unavoidable,” said CB East principal Abram Lucabaugh. “Mrs. Munroe has no choice but to assume responsibility for her actions … Mrs. Munroe is afforded legal employment rights. The decision to do the right thing lies in the hands of the person who created this controversy – Mrs. Munroe’s hands.”


Sixty parents already have contacted the school district to ask that their children not be placed in Munroe’s class. Lucabaugh said he suspects the district will receive more requests, and the district intends to honor every one.