Obama Administration Squirms Over Sotomayer’s Racist Comment

Now this is strange.  It seems the “ineffective,” “detrimental” Rush Limbaugh, who “only hurts the Republican cause” and “drives voters away from the big tent” because he’s “just an entertainer” and a “blowhard” has struck a nerve in the White House of the failed Obama administration.

California Supremes: Voters Decide What Marriage Is

California’s Supreme Court upheld the Proposition 8 Amendment to the state’s Constitution, which banned gay marriage, while holding that same-sex faux marriages mistakenly performed before the Proposition passed can stand. Statistics indicate that, of the 18,000 faux marriages performed involving same sex couples, about 9,000 will be null and void in a few years anyway […]

Liz Cheney: A Star Is Born

Elizabeth Cheney, daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, is kicking ass and taking names in an assault against the weak foreign policy of failed President Barack Obama and his defenders in the liberal media. And conservatives, desperate for an articulate leader who can forcefully defend and portray our values and ideals on the national […]

“Young Democrat” Likes His Porn Young

Ben Jakes-Johnson, who until this weekend was listed on the web site of the New York State Young Democrats as their Executive Vice President,  has been sentenced to 57-months in federal prison for posessing child pornography. According to the North County Gazette, Jakes-Johnson held this post and was also President Albany County Young Democrats despite […]