Carney Reveals “White House Doesn’t Create Jobs”

Barack Obama’s boy sidekick Jay Carney provided whomever the GOP candidate in 2012 turns out to be with a ready-made campaign ad Thursday, when he told the adoring press corps that “the White House doesn’t create jobs.

That much is obvious.  They’re too busy destroying them with $9.5 billion (PDF Link) of new regulations a month.

Still, it’s nice to hear them finally admit it after two and a half years of claiming that their failed stimulus “saved or created” millions of jobs.

After a month devoted to raising the debt limit, on Tuesday Obama announced a new focus on boosting employment — at least his seventh such announcement in his presidency.

Facing tough questions from reporters on what Obama is doing to create jobs today, Carney responded that Obama was meeting with senior advisors to plot a way forward on the issue.

Carney listed legislative priorities the president believes will create jobs, including an infrastructure bank, the passage of free trade agreements, and tax cuts. But he would not say what was being done to further those goals while Congress takes a month-long vacation.

“The White House doesn’t create jobs,” Carney said.