Career Soldier Surprised As “Spectators In White House” Seize Bin Laden Take Down Credit

The Los Angeles Times’ Andrew Malcom reports on a career soldier, involved in many Middle Eastern “aerial black ops” including the years-long search for Osama bin Laden, who finds the Obama administration’s credit hogging after bin Laden’s death disturbing.

One [Army] veteran who was a longtime operative involved in numerous similar aerial black ops across that region was apprised of the Obama administration’s account of the mission.

He said two themes struck him: First was the ability of Bin Laden to live in comfort some 60 miles from Pakistan’s capital.

The other theme that struck this career soldier, who participated in the hunt for Bin Laden, could perhaps be expected in political Washington the year before a presidential election.

But it was that such an inherently complex military team operation was being framed by Obama aides to steer way too much credit to the spectators in the White House and away from the unidentified operatives and their vast military support network.

A group of commandos largely made up of Navy Seals killed bin Laden in Pakistan yesterday after finding him via intelligence that took years to gather and came mainly from detainees at the Guantanamo Bay facility that Obama wants to close, presumably using interrogation methods that Obama doesn’t approve of.

The hunt began to narrow several years ago when interrogations of Guantanamo Bay detainees produced the nicknames of a pair of highly trusted couriers, used by the captured 9/11 architect Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and Bin Laden, who had learned his electronic communications could be monitored by the U.S.

It took nearly two years of CIA analysis to determine the men’s real names and to begin tracking them, ultimately to and from the housing compound that was built in 2005. The compound, according to senior administration officials, was eight times larger than others in the area.

I read elsewhere that this information began to come together 4 years ago.