Cap and Traitor Mark Kirk Struggles To Explain Vote

Illinois Cap and Traitor Congressman Mark Kirk has issued a rambling 1,300 word diatribe filled with excuses and buck passing as he struggles to explain away his vote on the disasterous Cap and Trade bill.

Kirk, like 7 other so-called Republicans, joined the far left wing of the Democrat party to approve HR 2454, raping the tax payers with a law the Wall Street Journal estimates is the biggest tax ever imposed in America.

Kirk spends a part of the nearly unreadable piece defending his vote under the “something needed to be done so do the absolute worst thing possible” clause of the Constitution (I don’t remember that section myself), part of the piece attributing qualities to the bill that it does not possess like energy independence, part of it lying about the phony junk science involved in the global warming hoax, and part of it explaining that he knew it was a shit bill but the Senate will surely come up with something better.

Kirk spends none of the piece explaining to me what this section of the bill he voted to approve means.

602 – Sec 788 {SECTION RESERVED}

That’s because no one knows what it means. That portion of the bill has not even been written – 4 days after Mark Kirk voted to approve the measure.  Or, if it has, no one – including Kirk – knows what it says.

With regard to the main thrust of the ACES bill, I am also concerned about growing air pollution, both from our country and overseas. I do not think we should ignore this problem. While the ACES bill is overly complicated, I voted in favor of the legislation to address these problems, looking forward to major improvements in the Senate.

It seems Mark Kirk has learned all about straw men from his new buddies on the left.  How does imposing this giant tax on Americans do anything about “growing air pollution” from “overseas?”  It doesn’t.  If anything, after all our manufacturing companies move overseas due to this giant tax, the air pollution from overseas will get worse.

No one is saying that we should “ignore the problem” of air pollution.  What I exhale is not “air pollution.” What plants intake is not “air pollution.”  You want to work on “air pollution,” go to it.  But if you want to regulate a substance that’s the same thing as my exhalation, you just fell for phony trendy fad junk science and charged me for it.

There is now a growing scientific consensus that the level of atmospheric carbon dioxide affects average temperatures.

Kirk does not mention the suppressed EPA Report stating that global temperatures are, in fact, declining, or the 700 respected scientists who flat out say man-made climate change is a giant nothing.  It’s actually the climate realists, rather than the climate hysterics, whose consensus is growing.

I guess those truths are too inconvenient for budding moonbat Kirk.

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