Calling BS On The “Obama White House Sexist Workplace” Thing

I’ve been reveling in the reports, based on Ron Suskind’s new book “Confidence Men,” that women felt excluded and marginalized in their roles at the Obama White House.  It’s funny when liberals get caught doing what they’re always lecturing the rest of us about.

I have no doubt that these women told Suskind that the Obama White House is a “hostile workplace environment.”  The chances that it actually is in any real sense of the term, though, are slim.

As fun as it has been, let’s face some facts.  Anyone who has ever worked anywhere knows there is a certain subset of women who will blame anything that doesn’t go exactly their way in the workplace on sexism.  Those women are usually liberal and unattractive. The allegation against the Obama White House seems to be based mainly on the accounts of two women: Christina Romer and Anita Dunn. Check and check.

Romer is widely seen as one of the main architects of the failed 2009 stimulus and the claim that it would hold unemployment under 8%.  Anita Dunn is the mush mouth most famous for proclaiming Chairman Mao as one of her heroes.  Maybe any hostility they perceived at the White House was directed against incompetence and stupidity.  That wouldn’t apply, of course, to the SCOAMF who lives there. But he’s not exempt because he’s a dude, he’s exempt because he’s the President.

In interviews at the time, female officials complained that top aides fueled the high-testosterone atmosphere. Footballs were occasionally thrown during staff meetings, by one account. Rough language abounded.

Oh, noes.  Footballs and rough language.  I’m sure Christina Romer was deeply offended.