Bully Obama To Take To Bully Pulpit This Morning(ish)

Failed President Barack Obama will hold his second press conference in a week this morning at 11 AM Obama Time (which is 11:30-11:45 in the Eastern time zone) to rail against Republicans for blocking his plan to spend more money we don’t have and raise taxes on job creators.

Surprisingly, the move comes after debt ceiling talks stalled when Republicans kind of stuck to their guns and refused to destroy more jobs by raising taxes on people who are successful in their careers.

Look, Republicans don’t have a bully pulpit. All they can do is basically preach to the choir on FOX News, because the rest of the Obama-leaning media won’t accurately represent their views or present their most compelling arguments. Still, Republicans have to find some way to counter this PR push by the President.  About a month ago, Americans still opposed voting to raise our own credit limit 39%-28%, but those numbers are moving in the spend-hungry Democrats direction.  The same poll found less support for the move just a month earlier – 16% in favor with 46% opposed.  I’d be surprised if it wasn’t a dead heat right now.

It’s because of garbage like this.

[White House Chief of Staff] Daley was on ABC’s “This Week,” as was [IMF Chief] Lagarde. [Republican Senate Minority Leader] McConnell appeared on “Fox News Sunday” and [Obama’s Treasury Secretary Little Timmy the Tax Cheat] Geithner was interviewed on NBC’s “Meet the Press” and CBS’ “Face the Nation.”

Big surprise: ABC, NBC and CBS presented one side of the argument.  Why in the hell weren’t Republicans out pushing their plan on street corners, radio stations, bus stops and anywhere else there were ears to listen? It’s time to branch out. We conservatives know we can expect no help or even fair treatment from the media.  For example, just look at the language here.

The package of $2 trillion to $2.4 trillion in deficit reduction identified by the Biden-led negotiators would still require Republicans to accept some increase in tax revenue. Republicans walked out of those negotiations after they were unable to accept about $400 billion in new tax money that the White House proposed by closing loopholes, ending some corporate subsidies, and limiting the value of deductions for wealthy taxpayers.

How much do you want to bet these undefined “wealthy taxpayers” aren’t just fat cats sitting on piles of family money smoking illegally imported Cuban cigars?  “Wealthy Taxpayers” is code for “successful working people who are actually out in the private sector trying to make America prosper.  “Wealthy Taxpayers” are anyone who does or sells anything for a profit and winds up being good at it.

One option now under consideration by Obama administration officials would call for capping some deductions for wealthy taxpayers at the 28 percent tax rate and using the revenue to help pay for a yearlong extension of a current payroll tax cut. The extension would expire at the end of 2012, but the cap on deductions would continue, generating new revenue in the long term. Capping all itemized deductions at the 28 percent rate would generate about $293 billion over 10 years.

Republicans have said they are not interested in such a bargain.

Two paragraphs of slanted pro-tax hike garbage with a sentence of good news at the end presented in a negative light.

Then there’s this amusing bit coming from the guy who just Executive Orders everything he wants that fails to make it through Congress.

During a 75-minute session Sunday at the White House, Obama told the congressional leaders that America is not a “banana republic,” so he won’t agree to several months-long debt increases that raise fears of a default, according to two Democratic officials familiar with the meeting.