BREAKING: Sarah Palin Uses The Telephone

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An open records request by Palin-obsessed Alaskan Andree McLeod has uncovered the shocking revelation that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin uses a device known as the “telephone.” Records show that Palin not only uses this device to accept two-way voice communication – known as “calls” – from others, she also uses the “telephone” to, in fact, initiate voice contact with parties in other locations; many of them Republicans.

But why would Palin use this bizarre tactic to communicate with others outside Alaska, and what motive could possibly be behind the Governor’s continued use of this device even after these usage allegations have surfaced? The Palin camp is being typically tight-lipped about these questions according to the breathless reporting on this devastating information done by ABC News’ Justin Rood.

The governor’s spokesman declined to comment on the calls. “I work for the State of Alaska,” said spokesman David Murrow. “I don’t coordinate or participate in her political life. I only handle official state business.” He referred inquiries to Palin’s political action committee, Sarah PAC. The group did not respond with comment for this story.

And what of the secret content of these so-called “phone calls”? As is Rood’s duty as part of the watchdog media, he does his best to get to the bottom of “Ring-Ring-Hello-Gate.”And he finds it is mostly mired in the questionable Republican practice of “phone tag.”

“GOV: Telephone Call Into Governor Crist,” reads a May 4 entry in Palin’s schedule. A spokeswoman for Crist said she did not know who had initiated contact, or what the subject of conversation was to have been, but the two did not speak. “It was a courtesy call. They know each other, both being governors,” said Crist spokeswoman Erin Isaac.

The cover-up continues, but it doesn’t prevent journalist Rood from bravely speculating his own reality in the absence of facts.

Crist may have had his own reasons to chat with Palin: to promote his candidacy for U.S. Senate, which Crist launched one week after Palin’s phone call. Nine days later, Crist announced an endorsement by Sen. John McCain, Palin’s 2008 GOP ticket-topper.


On May 7, the document shows, Palin spoke with former vice president Dick Cheney from an airport in Fairbanks, during a brief refueling stop on her way to survey flood damage in the northeastern part of the state. Cheney spokeswoman Lucy Tutwiler would only confirm that the two discussed a possible summer vacation to Alaska by the Cheneys. She would not confirm whether the Cheneys went to Alaska or were still planning to go, or any other details regarding the conversation.

Why the secrecy regarding the movements of the former Vice President? Is it because Cheney, as a Republican and former high ranking official of the Bush administration, likes to shoot people in the face? Or, perhaps, it is because Cheney, nicknamed Darth Vader, was involved in multiple secret evil plots to rule this planet.  Rood coyly doesn’t answer.  It is possible the former Vice President’s itinerary is shrouded in mystery for another, more sinister reason that Rood couldn’t even contemplate?  I dare say it is.

On May 8, Palin’s schedule reads, “GOV: Telephone Call w/Former Mayor Giuliani (JNU),” the last letters apparently indicating she called from Juneau. Four days later, Palin tried to speak with Giuliani again – at his prompting, the document reflects. “GOV: Tried to return requested call to Mayor Giuliani (JNU).”

According to Giuliani spokeswoman Maria Comella, the ex-mayor reached out to Palin regarding an upcoming trip to Alaska to deliver a paid speech. “As I understand it, the two of them never connected on the phone,” Comella wrote in an email to ABC News. The meeting never occurred, she said, although Giuliani delivered his speech – a motivational address, part of the “Get Motivated!” seminar series – in Anchorage June 10.

In June, the Palins visited New York and joined the Giulianis for a Yankees game, Comella noted. She did not say whether Giuliani had picked up any indication of Palin’s plans during his dealings with her.

Typical plot of secrecy and baseball.  Palin, at once bizarre, bird-brained and coolly calculated, was reported to be in town to receive an honor from a group advocated for disabled children.  But was she, or was it just another strand in her unraveling web of deceit designed to increase her own political capital and driven by her use of this “telephone” device?

Thank God we have Andree McLeod and Justin Rood to get to the bottom of the Governor’s questionable use of the “telephone” as a communications tool.

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12 thoughts on “BREAKING: Sarah Palin Uses The Telephone

  1. edit35 says:

    You gotta find a national outlet for this. It is too good.


  2. msilb says:

    Yeah, I bet almost all of the time, at least 80%, she is involved in normal, even ethical, activity. Why would people care about the other 20%?

  3. Jim says:

    Snort! Chuckle! Guffaw! ROFLAMO!!!!!!

    If it doesn’t use a Blackberry or Twitter-Face the liberal universe doesn’t understand.

    • Stefanie says:

      Gov. Palin uses Twitter & Facebook. What are you trying to say?

      • Jim says:

        What I am saying that all these liberals we have in Washington is more interested in being connected than in doing their flipping jobs. They need to put down the Blackberries, get off Twitter and do what they were elected to do.

        1) Support and defend this country instead of running around making apologies for being free.

        2) Defend the borders. Shut down illegals from coming here.

        3) quot giving our country away.

        HMMMMM! What are you trying to say?

  4. dubc says:

    Congrats Steve – Coulter linked to your page! You’ve arrived! 🙂

  5. Steve says:

    Last night, Coulter was on Hannity questioning what lunatic leftie was chasing down Sarah Palin in Alaska. It was Shannyn Moore who has responded to a few blogs I posted on her back during “Troopergate.” This blogger was also responsible for most of the other 18 phony ethics charges in which Sarah Palin was cleared of.

    In response to the Governor’s resignation, Moore “reported rumors” on her blog stating that Palin was under federal investigation. The horrible thing is the NYT, Huffington Post, MSNBC, etc. all linked to this blog causing Palin’s attorney to threaten defamation lawsuits….especially after the FBI came out in Palin’s defense.

    Then last night, Keith Blabberman had this disgrace on his program where both accused Palin of playing a victim when indeed it was Moore’s response to Palin’s attorney that said Sarah Palin was “a coward and a bully” and proclaimed that the First Amendment gave her “rights” to report rumors.

    I’d sue if I were Palin. She definitely has more legal ground than this twit ever had on any of the phony ethics charges against Palin which cost tax payers millons of dollars and Sarah Palin herself more than $600K.

    Coulter, Malkin, Limbaugh — someone in a powerful position needs to help.

    This was a great piece and completely falls in line with what else is happening right now as we speak.

  6. Bob H. says:

    Bravo. A piece worthy of Punch in its heyday. Just what these liberal buffoons need, exposure as the simpletons they are. Keep up the good work.

  7. PaLiNrOcKs says:

    PALIN 2012!! YoU gO GiRl!

  8. RightMom says:

    Palin/Coulter 2012 or Coulter/Palin 2012! I just can’t decide which, but I’d vote for either. Limbaugh – Secretary of State 2012!

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