Breaking: Mitt Romney CHEATED During Debate

The left thinks they found a smoking gun that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Mitt Romney cheated during Wednesday night’s debate with failed President Barack Obama.  Of course, only cheating could possibly explain how Romney totally decimated their light bringing messiah during the 90-minute showdown.

What they really found was a snotty, sweaty hankie.

Daily Beast and Daily Kos just can’t believe that Obama was so bad, so they concocted a fantasy about a cheat sheet.

It’s clearly a hankie. Only an idiot, or a liberal, but I repeat myself, would think otherwise.

Romney wiped the floor with Obama, then he wiped his face, then he wiped the floor some more.

2 thoughts on “Breaking: Mitt Romney CHEATED During Debate

  1. Righton says:

    Regarding the “news” of the hanky. . .How about this one. Al Gore claims the reason for The Failed One’s lackluster performance (defeat) — Gore says the altitude is to blame. The Failed Guy flew into Denver at 2 pm and didn’t have time to acclimate himself to the sky-high air. . . or something like that. The next debate is a few feet above sea level, so he should be his old brilliant self, right?
    Gore joins the ranks of Tingly Chris Mathhews as a love struck bystander.

    • Steven says:

      I actually read where a doctor said that coming to the high altitude later than Romney did should have helped Obama, since he would still have had low-altitude levels of (i.e. more) oxygen in his blood.

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