Boockvar Won’t Deny Support For Cop Killer Mumia Abu-Jamal

Courier-Times reporter Gary Weckselblatt logs in with another spin piece in support of far-left radical Congressional candidate Kathy Boockvar tonight, defending her law firm’s support of cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal and other characters surrounding the horrific case.

The last time I saw one man write so lovingly of another man’s wife it went something like “Layyyyyyla – you got me on my knees.”

Weckselblatt likens the GOP’s highlighting of Boockvar & Yeager’s Abu-Jamal representation to the GOP’s entirely accurate Willie Horton ads of 1988.

The National Republican Congressional Committee is remaking Willie Horton from the GOP’s 1988 destruction of Michael Dukakis in an attempt to tie Kathy Boockvar, through her husband, to Philadelphia cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Boockvar countered with 21 seconds of deceptively edited tape where Fitzpatrick is quoting someone else about the importance of supporting people who sign the front of paychecks. Nice try.

Boockvar twists and turns and plays the victim (welcome to the big leagues, honey), but you’ll note she never denies supporting the causes of freeing Mumia Abu-Jamal or allowing him to profit from his crimes, and that she never denounces her husband’s involvement in the case.

“The NRCC is leveling a personal attack on me,” she said. “The Democratic Party put out a statement that Mike Fitzpatrick said this week that goes directly to the issues we’re talking about in this election. If the NRCC talked about something we’re working on this week and we’re dealing with currently in this country that needs addressing, fine. But they’re trying to do everything but talk about those things.”

Sorry, but supporting a cop killer in an infamous and highly political local case is not “personal.” Mumia Abu-Jamal is a political issue. It’s just not the political issue you or your appointed media stenographer want to talk about.

Boockvar said she never met, represented or had any interaction with Abu-Jamal. “Jordan and I didn’t approve each other’s cases,” she said. “How many degrees of separation do you have to have here?”

How many degrees? Have you ever played the degrees of separation? There are ZERO degrees of separation in this case. You both live in the same house just like Kevin Bacon and John Lithgow were both in Footloose. That’s ZERO DEGREES.

Worse, as one commenter on PhillyBurbs pointed out, the Pennsylvania Rules of Professional Conduct for lawyers says that if one lawyer in a firm represents a client, it is as if all lawyers in a firm are representing the client. Perhaps Weckselblatt didn’t know there was a “Pennsylvania Rules of Professional Conduct” and that’s why he didn’t mention it. Lord knows there doesn’t seem to be one for “journalists.”

She called the attack “nuclear bomb throwing. … This is obviously a very close race and they don’t want to talk about the issues of the day.”

I have yet to see one shred of evidence that this is a close race. Kookvar is a radical and a hermit who does no public appearances and few but an obsessed liberal handful even know who she is.

You better believe if I was laying down every night next to someone who was trying to free a cop killer, I’d have something to say about it whether or not I could technically “approve” the case. Those are weasel words right there.

She does have one thing right, though. Her campaign is nuked.

One thought on “Boockvar Won’t Deny Support For Cop Killer Mumia Abu-Jamal

  1. Righton says:

    Kathy Bookvar is a left-wing extremist who’d rather be under the radar. Is she outed, now? She is trying to distance herself from her husband”s lawyer business (they were partners in a two-person law firm) but Bookvar has been pretty active on her own in other left-wing groups, including a lawyer-employee of another advocacy group specializing in liberal causes. . .and she gets plenty of support from far left groups. . including money. She’s too left-wing for Bucks County.

    By the way, Kathy, what DO you think of Abu-Jamal? Did he get what he deserved?

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