Boockvar Asks Newspaper Staff For Advice On Issues During Interview

Far-left radical Kathryn Boockvar came across as befuddled and confused on the issues in an article the Bucks County Courier-Times published about an Editorial Board meeting their staff had with the Eighth District Congressional challenger.

When liberal Kookvar wasn’t asking the newspaper staff how they would approach issues important to 8th District voters, she seemed unable to choose a clear position, conflating the opposing views of her radical Occupy supporters with those of current Republican Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick and calling the unworkable combination a middle ground.

Kookvar is best known for losing every election she’s ever run in. Look for at least one measure of consistency in November.

Several times, Boockvar told board members she didn’t have all the answers and even responded with a “no, tell me about it” and “what do you think?” during the conversation.

We need a transcript.  I think we need a transcript or recording.

How would she save Medicare? She’d leave it alone and let it go bankrupt! What is the source of our fiscal problem? The Bush Tax Cuts that Obama said we can’t remove without causing another recession! How would she handle corporate taxes? She’d raise and lower them!

Boockvar, a Democrat challenging 8th District Republican Mike Fitzpatrick, said job creation would be the “first package of bills I would put together.”

And her focus would be on the tax code, where “our incentives are in all the wrong directions.”

She said the U.S. corporate tax rate of 35 percent — the world’s highest — should be cut, along with loopholes that allow that rate to hit zero. The high corporate rate scares companies from locating here, she said, and loopholes allow firms that shift jobs to other countries to write off that shift as moving expenses, “so we’re hemorrhaging at both sides.”

“Why are we doing that,” she asked. “That’s just not common sense.”

What about oil? She’s for AND against it!

She’s for oil exploration, assuming public health and safety requirements have been met. She criticized the lack of a comprehensive energy plan and said she favors tax credits for wind and solar and other forms of green energy.

“Why are we subsidizing oil and gas?” she said. “They don’t need subsidies. They’ve got record profits.”

This woman’s candidacy is a cluster eff.

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  1. Righton says:

    I don’t know who you are, but you have the best site! Funny and enlightening.
    And you are on the money about most things, including CREDO, the San Francisco bunch. Would love to see how much they’re spending on the national “take down” spree and wonder who’s paying. . .I wonder is Soros is in the mix?

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