Bloomberg Tracks Hillary’s Many Phony Accents, Video Misses One

Bloomberg News posted an amusing video tracking Hillary Clinton’s various phony accents over the years entitled “Tracking Hillary Clinton’s Use of Every American Accent East of the Mississippi.”

While the accompanying article points out her use of what I guess we’re delicately calling a “southern drawl” during a speech she gave in Selma, Alabama during the 2008 Presidential campaign, the narrated video strangely leaves it out.

Still, Bloomberg manages to note that “the different accents don’t seem to appear randomly—they seem to come out based on where Clinton is, what role she has, or what office she’s running for.”

In other words, phony baloney play acting.

Given the tone and tenor of her 2016 campaign, maybe she’ll adopt an Edward G Robinson Johnny Rocco accent this year.  “Quit lookin into my Foundation money, see? You’ll never hang nothin’ on me copper, see?”