Birds Of A Feather: David Duke Endorses “Occupy” Protests

Look at David Duke and look at the filth planting themselves in city parks and declaring themselves a movement.  Different haircuts, same message.

“Bankers” and “Wall Street” are dog-whistle code for “Jews.”

David Duke knows this, and jumps on the smelly patchouli soaked bandwagon.

One thought on “Birds Of A Feather: David Duke Endorses “Occupy” Protests

  1. No Rino says:

    I’m surprised you gave former “Hitler Youth” so much play. He is as disgusting as ever. Duke is a worn out conspiracy theorist. It’s the Jews with him, the Commies with others, or the Muslims. . . . He is no freedom-loving patriot and Occupy Wall Street is a sour mix of unrelated gripes, a flash mob, mostly zeroing in on “class warfare” as espoused by the failure in the White House. If Duke saw something in there coinciding with his anti-Zionism, he’s right, but there are many, many more in those mobs who are just angry, period. Free-floating anger. Others just WANT (something).
    It’s sadder yet to hear the left-wing media treating OWS mobs as a genuine uprising of the downtrodden, or as Michael Moore said, “America’s answer to the Tea Party.”

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