BBB Lowers MyPillow Rating After Owner Lindell Supports Trump

The partisan hacks at the Better Business Bureau lowered MyPillow’s BBB rating from an A+ all the way down to an F on a pretty bogus rap after owner Mike Lindell came out as a supporter of President-elect Donald Trump.

donald-trump-and-mike-lindellAt least they didn’t bind and gag him and make him drink toilet water like other Democrats have been doing to Trump supporters.

The toothless ostensible consumer protection agency says that they lowered the rating because of the company’s constant 2-for-1 sale on its signature pillow.  Selling your product at a price of your own choosing is, apparently, “unfair” to other companies in the same industry.

“Continuous [Buy One Get One] offers, which can then be construed as an item’s regular, everyday price, violate not only BBB’s Code of Advertising, which all BBB Accredited Businesses agree to abide by, but also other state and national organizations’ rules,” said Dana Badgerow, president of BBB in Minnesota and North Dakota.

The BBB “warned” Lindell to discontinue selling his product the way he wanted to – the way that has made his company $100 million a year in revenue – and got emotionally injured when Lindell did not respond to their politically motivated threat.

Barb Grieman, senior vice president for the BBB in Minnesota, said the bureau seldom gives out F ratings because companies tend to comply.

“We can’t understand why he’s not making the changes,” Grieman told the Star Tribune. “We’re not saying he can’t offer a BOGO, just not continuously all year long.”

This isn’t the first time the BBB has lashed out at President-elect Trump.  Back in March 2016, the BBB denied that its own published final BBB rating of Trump University at A+ was legitimate, retroactively adjusting the rating downward after the A+ rating was cited and verified by Trump with documentation at a FOX News Republican primary debate.

The Better Business Bureau holds no legal sway over a business.  Their ratings are, basically, meaningless, and seemingly have more to do with partisan wrangling than actual business practices.