Barry Soetoro: Registered Voter From 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue In DC

PJ Tattler has uncovered the voter registration record of Barry Soetoro, who is registered to vote with an address of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC.

Alert readers will recognize Barry Soetoro as one of the myriad names used by failed President Barack Obama over the course of his lifetime and 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue as the address of The White House.

The record indicates that “Soetoro” registered to vote in October 2012, just weeks before the last election.

Just remember, voter fraud is virtually impossible, doesn’t really exist, and is a right-wing fantasy. Asking voters to present ID when they arrive at the polling place is entirely unnecessary, and screw you for suggesting it, racist.

If the system will allow a phony voter to register from The White House, how many phony voters are on the rolls in your town?