Baltimore’s Incompetent Marilyn Mosby Incorrectly Charges Two

Marilyn Mosby, the Maryland state’s attorney for Baltimore who is clearly in over her head, incorrectly charged a lunch lady and plumber in the death of frequent drug offender Freddy Gray that touched off a week of rioting in the city.

marilyn-mosbyShe, of course, intended to charge cops.  That’s what she was brought in for. Instead, she nailed a lunch lady and plumber.  When it’s a show trial you’re after, the show apparently matters more than the trial.  You’re going to stage a witch hunt, you’re going to have to break a few eggs, or something.  I think that’s how that goes.

This kind of thing will happen in a rush to judgement.  She had the case for about 35 seconds, I think, give or take, before she got her outfit and makeup together and rushed to the cameras to announce her candidacy the charges.

Attention to detail.

According to The Baltimore Sun, the Alicia White they initially wrote down works at an elementary school cafeteria in Baltimore and was getting lots of calls after the charges were filed.

And how much did that get screwed up? Well, as an attorney for White said, “The middle initial was off. Her address, her height, her weight, her driver’s license number – all of the information was my client’s information… Her life has been a living hell the past four days.”

Meanwhile, the Brian Rice that was initially identified was a plumber from Brunswick.