Audio: Obama Supports Federal Ban On Concealed Carry

I don’t know how much clearer it needs to be for gun owners and non-gun owners who respect and revere the Constitution and the freedoms described therein, but Barack Obama is a flat-out gun grabbing absolutist and his election would be a giant step toward destroying your constitutional rights.  There is no question or doubt about this. Obama knows it, and he has done everything he can to obscure it by intimidating any media outlet that dares to air the truth.

I have written on this issue many times over the campaign, but maybe not enough times.  This is the reason why activists like Sebastian rightly and successfully pushed for the ouster of rifle company president and Obama donor Dan Cooper after his support of Obama came to light.

Obama is not just anti-gun; he is an anti-gun zealot.  Despite his attempt to paper over the writing on the wall surrounding this issue, there is no doubt that Second Amendment rights would be severely diminished under an Obama administration.  Obama’s goal is to have no law-abiding way to exercise your right to keep and bear arms.

Obama has made a lot of promises he has no way to keep if elected, but having huge majorities in both houses of Congress for at least two years provides ample time to seed the federal benches with anti-gun absolutist judges in his own image, tainting the judicial pool for higher benches and tilting the balance of the courts for years to come.

All of this became even more evident yesterday, when audio from a 2004 Obama interview with Chicago Public Radio surfaced.  Obama says in no uncertain terms that he supports a federal ban on Concealed Carry (CCW).

The audio below is culled from an interview that can be found here (find September 13, audio link to “Campaign Notebook, Obama on guns and crime”).

5 thoughts on “Audio: Obama Supports Federal Ban On Concealed Carry

  1. Jeff says:

    But, but, but… It’s not FAIR to use his own words (or record) against him! 🙂

  2. Steven says:

    To comment poster FGS: The TOS of this site clearly states you must provide a valid email address (unseen by the public) in order to post comments. This is evident directly above the comment area. Comments from clearly invalid email addresses are deleted as spam.

    In response to your actual comment, which you’ve posted at every site that carried this article, even a cursory examination of Obama’s gun record (including the questionnaire with his own handwriting on it saying he supports a ban on all handguns) shows that Obama is an anti-gun zealot. Even Hillary Clinton thought so (in response to which he called her “Annie Oakley”). He has only developed this new found respect for the Second Amendment during his hard tack to the center after limping across the finish line in the primaries.

    For you to say a guy who supports a ban on all handguns is also a supporter of CCW is nonsensical. If all handguns are illegal, what are people going to concealed-carry? Rifles?

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